Ep. 6: How to let go of control, enjoy life (and food), and find balance

Ally Mcdonald Bull is a fitness instructor, former Disney princess, true chocolate addict, New Zealand native, and creator of the internationally known program Triple Threat Pilates. She's always pushing the limits in each class with her upbeat energy, hence why she's known as the smiling assassin.

What to expect in this episode:

  • Ally courageously opens up about her struggles with disordered eating. Her story is so relatable, you don’t need to have an eating disorder to have experienced thoughts and fears of losing control.

  • On a lighter note, we share some of the benefits and ancient uses of cacao (as if you need any excuse to add more chocolate in your life).

  • We also cover how to have a balanced diet - and how our grandmas have it all figured it out.

  • Lastly, we delve into what a blessing it is when some things don’t work out and how better things take their place!

Listen to the episode!

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