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5 tips to reduce a double chin naturally

Good news: you can get rid of a double chin naturally without needing to get any procedures done. Keep reading to find my top 5 methods you can start doing today!

my top 5 natural ways to get rid of a double chin

  1. Facial rolling: Adding a facial roller to your morning and evening skincare routine will make an instant difference, working to sculpt the area under your chin. Don't just take my word for it. Look up double chin facial rolling techniques on youtube and you'll find videos like these with results you can't deny:

2. Facial exercises: There are so many exercises to help tone and strengthen the loose muscles we have under our chin. Check out the 6 top exercises you should starting doing below!

3. Chew on a jaw exerciser Jaw exercisers (like this one) are squishy balls that you simply bite down on for a few minutes at a time. They're known to activate over 57 muscles in your face, helping to not just chisel your chin but achieve a more toned overall complexion. Plus they're known to help relieve stress and tension in your mouth and jaw! For under $10, it's definitely worth a try if you're serious about reducing your double chin naturally.

4. Fix your posture!

If you're constantly hunching over your computer or phone, or sitting and looking down really often, this is destroying your posture and alignment! When we're misaligned, this strains our neck and can cause a double-chin appearance even if you're really thin. So how can it be fixed? Personally, I find it helpful to do yoga stretches for the neck and shoulders (like this quick 10-minute flow). It feels so good to relieve all the tension in that area too! Try to do this today and let me know how you feel afterward. I'm telling you, it's amazing.

To fix your posture, this chin tuck exercise below is the best way to help realign your neck and instantly reduce an unwanted double chin.

5. Opt for a luxury DIY tool

If you're looking for more potent results, or if you have mature skin, I'd recommend this holy grail beauty tool. It's not cheap, but it beats the price of seeing an esthetician for treatments. Plus its advanced microcurrent technology actually works to sculpt multiple areas including your neck, jowls, jawline, cheeks, and forehead in under 5 minutes. I'd recommend using the Nu Face every week for major toning and definition of your jawline. And be sure to take before and after pictures to track your results!

nuface double chin

Hope you found this helpful!

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