What You Should Know About Edible Sunscreen

Updated: Apr 11

We're living in an era where anything is possible, so at this point I'm pretty prepared to hear about any crazy inventions, including the idea of edible sunscreen.

I mean, if Elon Musk managed to deliver his Tesla into space for no particular reason, why should it be so hard to believe that there are pills that are formulated to protect your skin from UV rays?

So do they work?

As interesting as the idea of edible SPF sounds, it's sadly too good to be true.

What's the problem with them?

The problem isn't the pills themselves. Edible SPF brands like Sunsafe are actually offering supplements filled with natural ingredients that actually promote healthier skin.

The real issue is that people are using these products as replacements for SPF. In reality, there's nothing that could ever protect your skin from UV rays as well as a topical cream. Ditching the sun lotion and replacing it with pills or anything else can seriously put you at risk for skin cancer and other skin issues.

Will there ever be a pill or ingredient that can work like SPF creams do?

No. The FDA said it best on their site: “There’s no pill or capsule that can replace your sunscreen.” I'd say the reason for this is pretty self-explanatory; if you need to protect your skin, then apply something directly on your skin.

Is SPF important?

I'm sure you've seen older people who didn't use sun cream when they were young and yet they aged fine. People like that can make you start wondering if sun protection isn't just some marketing lie we've been scared into buying.

But here's why it actually matters: we're losing our ozone layers! We can't compare ourselves to older generations, because the ozone has never been as thin as it is now. Read this quick explanation on the importance of our ozone from the Environmental Protection Agency:

"The ozone layer protects the Earth by absorbing the portion of the sun's UV light called UVBUVBA that has several harmful effects, [like] damaging DNA, causing melanoma, and other types of skin cancer."

Signs of sun damage:

Still not convinced? Fab After Fifty published a terrifying article about the consequences you can expect if you continue to overexpose your skin to the sun (click right here to experience crippling anxiety).


What should you do to protect your skin to the max?

Sun protection pills are actually a great complement to your existing routine. As long as you continue applying topical SPF, these supplements can be highly beneficial to your skin.

The EPA said it best: It is always important to protect oneself against UVB in the absence of ozone depletion by wearing hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. However, these precautions will become more important as ozone depletion worsens."

Check out some of these trustworthy SPF creams to protect your skin from sun damage without the harsh chemicals:

100 Percent Pure

100 Percent Pure is one of my all-time favorite brands because of their promise to offer clean products without any harmful preservatives or irritating chemicals that are found in mainstream brands.

This SPF 30 Yerba Mate Mist smells amazing, keeps your skin safe from free radicals with its all natural waterproof formula, and contains loads of added antioxidants extracted from Argentinian yerba mate.

Click right here for more product info.

SanRe Organic Skinfood

The Environmental Working Group voted this product as one of the best all-natural SPF face creams on the market. It's also filled with all organic ingredients like super hydrating hazelnut, skin-nourishing jojoba, soothing aloe vera, and tea tree oil which treats and prevents breakouts.

Find the cream here.

Looking for more SPF options? Here's a helpful list from Skincare Ox

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